The importance of good eating habits

By Hemant on 22 Jun 2017


Eating junk isn’t a reward, it is punishment for your body!

Food is the source of strength, it is the means to contentment and most importantly, the thing that we forget the most – it is the means to keep our body healthy and functioning. To say that food habits determine how healthy you will be might be cliched, but it is very much true! In fact, true healthcare reform should start at the kitchen in our opinion. So, why is eating right so important? Why can’t we simply manage with exercise and loads of junk food?

Junk food is omnipresent today and while it most certainly is tasty, it does lead to a lot of complications – acidity, obesity, cholesterol problems, diabetes and so on. There is a reuse of oil and excessive indulgence on sugar, oil, salts and preservatives to enhance the taste and longevity of these foods and consequently, their nutritive value is at the barest minimum level. While someone made in your own kitchen would be much more nutritive and healthy. And eating junk daily leads to a lot of systemic changes in the body too leading to hormonal imbalances and is the main trigger for life style based disorders today.

While exercising will help, eating right in tandem with the right amount of exercise is the key to healthy living and what’s more, it isn’t quite as difficult as you might think! Start with small changes such as replacing your favourite chips with nuts (look out for allergies just in case, some people are allergic to certain nuts), grabbing fresh juice instead of a carbonated drink and cutting down a little on sugar – these when done regularly can help a long way in restoring your health. Add half an hour’s exercise to the mix and you can keep problems like diabetes, obesity, hormonal imbalances and blood pressure at bay.

So, the next time you think of binge eating, why not try a healthier alternative which could be just as tastier?