Should you simply cut out carbs from your diet?

By Rohit Khetan on 06 Jul 2017


Do fad diets seem impressive? Of course, they do! With today’s smart advertising, once you search for something related to diets, losing weight, stating in shape or anything even loosely related to weight loss and exercise, search engines will throw so many things your way as recommended searches. And it is but natural for you to click on those advertisements and think of trying out those new diets. Some recommend cutting out carbs and leaning on proteins altogether while others insist that liquid diets keep you hydrated and satiated at the same time. Reducing carbs seems the most reasonable thing to do when losing weight and when this is the very basis of a diet that seems to be working for everyone, you are bound to get interested in it!

And therefore, we’ve chosen to look at the question – should you cut carbs out of your diet to lose weight and try to answer it honestly for you. From what we understand, restricting your carb intake to lose weight is fine but it does come with a huge ‘CONDITIONS APPLY’ sign! According to a study that was conducted 2-3 years back, a low carb diet and high protein one didn’t have much of a difference when compared to a normal protein diet. The difference in weight loss and fat wasn’t as great as purported by some fancy diets. Simply cutting out carbs is never an option for it will cause havoc to your body – cause digestive problems and even weaken you!

Negative effects of low carb diets

Carbs give you strength as do proteins and if you want to work out or do prolonged physical activity, it simply won’t do if you don’t eat carbs. What you can think of is probably balance your carbs and proteins as per your body’s need rather than simply not eating a major part of your diet! Even in a low carb diet, there are some problems such as using up your glycogen stores which can cause exhaustion and dehydration not to mention not being able to exercise or do intense physical activities. You don’t have to be a glutton, you most certainly shouldn’t be one if you wish to maintain a healthy living however, being on a diet that deprives you of energy to even work out isn’t the solution to weight loss!

What should you do?

Here’s what we think you should do – regulate and control your diet by breaking it down into its carb content, protein content and so on. Estimate the energy you expend on a given day and ensure that you eat a bit less than that to lose weight. Not all fat and carbs are bad for your body. A low carb diet can help improve your cholesterol levels in the body and also help you manage diabetes or blood sugar. But, if you are completely healthy and don’t have any health disorders as such, a healthy diet and exercise can do wonders! Why lean on unhealthy diets to lose weight? Understand your body, identify the cause of your weight issue and deal with it appropriately! Here’s to a healthy and happy existence!