Do exercises help with your pre-natal health and delivery?

By Anil on 06 Jul 2017


Expecting your bundle of joy? Well, congratulations are in order then! Now that you are about to bring a life into this world and experience the joy of motherhood, you should be extra cautious of your health, lifestyle and habits. And no, we don’t mean to sound preachy, we simply wish you well! While eating right is important for the baby to grow, it is equally important for your health as well and the same is the case with exercise. Though predicting as to whether you will have a normal delivery or a C section isn’t quite in anyone’s hands, you can ensure a smoother delivery with exercise. In fact, exercising is good for your pre-natal health too!

Did you know that doctors recommend that women who have had a normal delivery begin exercises within a week of their delivery (in case there were and are no complications)?

This is because, the sooner they exercise, they better it is for them. Exercise can help mothers get their prolapsed organs into place, strengthen their pelvic floor and will make their bowel movement much easier too! If exercise can help you this much in your ante-natal phase, it can indeed do wonders in the pre-natal and delivery phase too and here’s how!

Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles

This is very helpful when it comes to your actual delivery. In case of normal delivery, your flexibility, endurance and strong pelvic muscles can help you a long way by shortening your labour, make it easier and exercise will also help you stay away from pain meds for delivery.

Controls gestational diabetes and BP

These are common symptoms associated with pregnancy and exercise helps you get a handle on them which is great. If you can reduce the risk of diabetes for you and your child, why not try some exercise? Also, it lowers the risk of pre-eclampsia and BP for you.

You’ll gain less weight

Pregnancy comes with weight gain, mood swings, food cravings and energy drain. All of these can be helped with exercise. You gain lesser weight, your legs don’t swell as much, you feel great and energetic with exercise. Not only that, exercise can also help you with backaches that are typical from your 2nd trimester (they only get worse in your 3rd trimester whatever others tell you!) and also help you in dealing with stress which again is typical in every pregnancy.

Apart from these, you’ll bounce back much quickly after delivery if you were exercising prior to it and you will be healthier than before if you continue exercising post-delivery too. Sleeping better, combating depression, looking better and a great mental outlook are some of the other perks of exercises. We recommend that you take pre-natal exercises in groups so that you get a sense of belonging and have someone to bond with who is going through exactly what you are feeling. Exercise in short will help you prepare your body for child birth and motherhood in a healthy manner and both you and your bundle of joy will benefit from it.